Steam client update ‘dramatically’ improves in-home experience

Valve has pushed another update to it’s Steam Client which brings many improvements to In-Home Steaming. Before you go ahead to download the client keep in mind that there is an issue with the updater which may download two or three times before ‘settling down’, as Sloken writes on the Steam Community page.

The update ‘dramatically’ improves performance of the streaming stats display. It also adds support for multiple remote gamepads at game startup.

Other notable changes include:

  • Account for slow capture time in streaming stats feedback
  • Automatic framerate drops occur less often, thanks to community feedback
  • Disabled QoS traffic priority since it caused performance problems and crashes on some wifi routers

Keep in mind that this is a ‘beta’ release so there may be many issues (that’s why it’s beta). These betas are intended for testing and improving it further so once stable changes are pushed to the stable branch of the client.

If you are a SteamOS/Steam for Linux user, go ahead and follow this Google+ community dedicated to Steam.

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