Retina scanning drones soon in Dubai

If you happen to live in Dubai, you may soon come across an aerial drone delivering packages to a location near you.

According to a report, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) government is all set to launch a fleet of flying drones to improve government services. Their cargo will include official government documents, ID cards, permits, and driving licenses.

The government plans to roll-out this service on a six-month trial basis. Initially limited to Dubai, the drone delivery service will be introduced across the entire UAE based on its success.

If you are wondering about the safety of the cargo, the UAE government has a plan for that too. According to Abdulrahman Alserkal–the Emirati engineer who designed the project, the drones and their cargo will be protected by fingerprint and eye-recognition security systems.

“What these things are best suited for is delivery of small, light value things that are time sensitive, like medicines, identification documents, vital papers and things of that nature,” Dr Noah Raford, special adviser to the Office of the Prime Minister, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid was quoted as saying.

“We want to reach to people before they reach us. We want to save time, to shorten distances, to increase effectiveness and to make services easier,” Sheikh Mohammed said.

Amazon last year announced plans to start offering 30-minute deliveries via unmanned aerial vehicles — or drones.

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