Valve offers free games to Ubuntu developers

Valve Software recently announced that they would offer free Valve games to all Debian developers, which was considered a way of saying thank you to the base that is used to create Steam OS.

While Steam OS has nothing to do with Ubuntu, the company is now expanding that offer to Ubuntu developers as well. All registered Ubuntu developers will get complete access to all current and future Valve games for fee.

Canonical top-shots have expressed their excitement for this announcement.

Mark Shuttleworth wrote on the mailing list, “That’s super – thanks Neil! Please pass appreciation on to the relevant person at Valve.”

Jono Bacon, the Community manager at Canonical, writes on his Google+ page, “Many thanks to +Valve for offering Ubuntu developers free games in addition to Debian – – well there goes their weekends. :-)”

The offer is being managed by Collabora. Registered Ubuntu developers can request their key by emailing to Jo Shields. Get more info here.

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