Themer app is temporarily removed from the Play Store because of infringement

Themer, the app that allows Android users to theme their phones with one click has been removed from the Play Store. In fact, Themer was pulled all the way back on February 2nd, but the reason is what’s most disturbing to some. A recent statement by MyColorScreen, creators of Themer, point out that theme ‘Seven’, which heavily resembles Apple’s iOS7, received the attention of Apple itself and they in turn requested the removal of the app from the Play Store.

MyColorScreen are optimistic that the app will be restored to the Play Store soon because they have removed the infringing theme ‘Seven’. Unfortunately,their expectations have not been met and the app remains unavalaible to the public while the team is left clueless. Several attempts to get in contact with Google have proved fruitless (pun not intended). The team is not yet sure when the app will return to its rightful place, but in the mean time, they have continued working on the official release (Themer app was still in beta) and hope that all will soon be resolved.

Before you start hating on Apple, they did release a statement regarding the infringement and the apparent damage that it was causing to them. This is what they had to say:

Apple Inc. is the sole and exclusive owner  of the copyright in the original artwork for the app designs in its iOS 7 operating system. The foregoing application being distributed on Google Play intentionally includes unauthorized reproductions of Apple’s copyrighted apps, including its icon designs for Notes… This application violates Apple’s copyrights, in addition to other Apple IP rights. (This app developer’s unauthorized reproduction of Apple’s multiple copyrights may be viewed in-app by first downloading and installing the app, allowing Themer to create widgets on one’s device, and loading the “Seven” theme from the list of the “Most Popular” category under the Browse Themes.)

Yes, yes. It was very Apple-like of them, and I’m sure that they have earned no friends from the Android community by making this move. I just hope that Google reinstates the app before much longer. We, Android geeks, need apps like these to fill the voids in our lives. Themer, when it launched, was regarded by many as a knight in shining armour. For months we had seen our colleagues on Google+ post screen shots of their tricked-out home screens and themes that they had put together themselves. Many, like myself, looked on in amazement and longed for the opportunity to achieve such measures of greatness. Themer made this possible — made it a reality, and now we long for its return to the Play Store.

We hope that the attention thrusts Google into action and that we can all rejoice in unison before the end of the week. In the mean time, head on over to Google+ to view the official statement from MyColorScreen. Tell us readers, what theme are you using at the moment if any?

Image Source: Android and Me

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