KDE plasma was used in creation of Oscar nominee Gravity!

KDE Software has always enjoyed undisputed reputation among the Open Source users; its desktop environment continues to get voted as one of the most popular and widely used DE. KDE SC is not limited to home users, it’s used by organizations around the globe.

It’s used by Hollywood.

More and more KDE Plasmas have been showing up on television; making brief cameos in odd places but with an increased frequency. As Eike Hein, who works in software and computer graphics fields and is also a KDE developer, puts it:

For several years, I used to maintain a collection of clippings showing the KDE workspaces in use in interesting settings – popping up on TV shows, on public terminals in odd locations, in articles on leading scientific endeavours. All sorts of cool cases. More recently I haven’t been collecting as diligently anymore, though, for perhaps the best possible reason: It’s happening so frequently now that individual examples have lost much of their novelty.

But from time to time it still provides me with a (pleasant) shock to the system to see our software help others push the envelope and create amazing things. The latest example occurred just the other day, while I was watching the making-of documentary for Alfonso Cuarón’s impressive film Gravity.

KDE at work!

The documentary detailing the creation of ‘Gravity’ pictures Ben Lambert, Modelling Supervisor for Framestore, sitting in front of his KDE workstation; it’s as though he were caught in the midst of his next graphical masterpiece and wanted the world to have a sneak peak. Framestore, based in London, bares the slogan, “We are Framestore. Extraordinary images, extraordinary talent.” The British company specialises in visual effects and does work for feature films, commercials, music videos and the likes. Framestore is a renowned company in the world of visual effects, and their use of KDE Plasmas speak volumes for the platform. Hein also noted that during his tour of the company’s offices, KDE workstations littered the working space; they had been using the free software to create their pieces of art without public knowledge. Their secret is now public knowledge and we make no apologies.

Hein says, “Interestingly, Framestore isn’t the only London-based VFX house using KDE software. I previously collected a snapshot of Doctor Who VFX provider The Mill using Plasma Desktop in their work as well.”

One suggested reason for the increase in use cases is the industry’s use of Qt and KDE is based on KDE. The two make for a perfect pair when dealing with high-end rendering and 3D modeling. The reason for the adoption is not as important as the fact that the software’s potential is being exploited to full effect. ‘Gravity’ has been nominated for Oscars in many categories and should it pick up any, we will all feel an extra sense of pride knowing that the work of Framestore, a user and proponent of KDE Plasmas, helped to make it all a reality.

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