Rebellion might develop for Linux

Game developers Rebellion Developments are seemingly looking into supporting Linux and thus perhaps even develop for the platform.

In a recent conversation with Gaming on Linux, Rebellion Marketing & PR Coordinator Robbie Cooke confirmed the same. According to the conversation, although none of their games currently works on Linux, they are tweaking their Asura Engine, the engine that they use for all their in-house games to work with OpenGL. Hence future ports and support for Linux games from Rebellion can be expected. On asking them about their future intentions, Cooke replied, “As an indie studio and big PC developer we like to support as many platforms- and therefore gamers – as we can. We’re very much looking at Mac and Linux, and we recently attended the Steam Dev Days presentation about Steam boxes.”

Rebellion is one of the largest independent development houses in Europe, with a lot of big games’ development experience under their belt, including for franchises like Star Wars, Sniper Elite (a personal favourite), Alien vs. Predator, among others. Many of their games have won critical appreciation. Their 2005 game Sniper Elite have won, for example, the “Best PC/Console Game” in the TIGA Awards. Their Alien vs. Predator also fared quite well, topping the UK charts across all platforms. Currently they have an average score of 73.44% on GameRankings.

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