Gnome 3.12 to be delayed [not] to sync with Wayland release

Gnome developers are planning to delay the release of Gnome 3.12 by approximately a week. It’s a deliberate delay to sync the release with the availability of Wayland 1.5.

Gnome, like all other major FLOSS projects, have put their weight behind Wayland and the move will ensure that Gnome and Wayland will work together well.

Matthias Clasen explains that “the GNOME release team is pondering moving the date for 3.12.0 out by approximately a week, to align the schedule with the Wayland release plans (a 1.4.91 release including all the xdg-shell API we need is planned for April 1). The latter 3.11.x milestones would be shifted as well, to avoid lengthening the freeze period unnecessarily.”

Writing to distributors (distros) he said that if this delay affects their own release schedule they can speak up now.

Since he himself is a Fedora developer he clarifies that it won’t “cause problems for Fedora, since the f21 schedule is going to be longer than usual, anyway.”

Update(20, Feb): It will be released on schedule which is 26th of March.

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