New Grand Strategy Game Space Pioneer on Kickstarter

Space Pioneer is an ambitious project of building a hybrid game that’s perhaps best described as a combination of Space Simulation with real time strategy and city building mechanics integrated in it. One can always classify it as a grand strategy game with much more to do than just building and expanding one’s influence. The game is currently running a campaign on Kickstarter that is going to last for another 30 days. The creative brains behind the game include real world astronauts, writers, architects, artists and designers.

The game is said to have both Single Player, which includes a lengthy campaign, along with a Multiplayer mode. Through the Single Player component, players will be able to start small which will allow the player to launch and coordinate small and focused exploratory excursions into rival territories. Along with that, the players will also have the option to wage massive interplanetary battles with rival civilizations, at a later stage. The various rival civilizations come with their own set of lore and technologies that is explained in-depth over a lengthy campaign, also present in the single player mode.

The Multiplayer mode, on the other hand has players competing against each other, all the while determining the position of humanity in the hierarchy of the galaxy. The multiplayer mode also features a Free Roam mode, where 128 players can be logged in at any given time. If the player is killed, the player will spawn on another server with similarly leveled players, thus keeping the competition fair.

The game is set to launch on both Linux and Windows once it reaches its target amount on Kickstarter.

Source: Root Gamers

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