Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number hitting Linux this Summer

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, the highly anticipated sequel to the blood splattered and gory game Hotline Miami, will be released sometime around the third quarter of 2014. This bit of news comes from the official Twitter account of the gory top-down shooter.

The sequel is set years after the events of the first game. The Jacket has become a legend because of his strings of murders that also spawned a fan following. Some of them are making a film based off of Jacket’s exploits while the more radical of them are taking to the street donning their own animal masks while killing any and all criminals on the streets and emulating the masked vigilante.

The gameplay is similar to the first game; the game will be a top-down shooter where you are required to kill off all the enemies before you are allowed to move on to the next level. Just like the previous game, the player character will die if they take any damage, so a good timing and quick reflex is imperative in this game. Though to level out the scales, the players can wear different animal masks that will grant them additional bonus. In addition, according to the developers Dennaton, the game will have some additional features, like unlock able hard mode. This mode will unlock if the player achieves a ranking of C+ or higher on every level. In the unlocked mode, the enemies will be tougher and various assists, like enemy lock on will be disabled.

The original Hotline Miami was a notoriously hard game, so these new features might just give the veterans something to be excited about even after finishing the game.

The game is set to launch on Linux, PC, Vita, PS4 and Mac, though the order is unknown; the original one launched on PC first and gradually went on to the other platforms. This time however, being a sequel might be different than the last time.

Source: Linux Game News

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