MOTA smartwatch goes on sale for $50 at Groupon

The MOTA¬†smartwatch¬†is not unusual in its appearance. It highly resembles the Fitbit, or a Nike fuel band of some sort and I happen to think that it trumps the two in terms of looks. The MOTA has gone on sale for only $50 through a promotional code provided by Groupon, but we’re sorry to say that they’ve all been sold out already.

Next week, the price of the MOTA returns to $80, which, considering the prices of other smart watches, is still a steal of a deal. At the moment, the MOTA does not support third party apps like the Pebble or the Gear but it will pair with your Android or iOS device over bluetooth, which is more than we can say for the Gear (the Gear only pairs with certain Samsung devices at the moment). The watch vibrates to notify users of incoming calls and can display the caller’s ID or the incoming number. As is expected, one may control media playback on a phone or tablet using the watch.

The smartwatch form factor has taken on three different types of looks at this point. Some, like the Pebble Steel, resemble any ordinary watch. Other’s, like Neptune’s Pine look more like a gadget that is worn on the wrist. They might even resemble a phone with straps more than an actual watch. The MOTA represents the third form factor which sees the watches resemble a bracelet with a thin screen. It’s easier to accept than the futuristic looks of some that have come before, and at that price, it’s easier on the pockets as well.

To this date, I have not seen any compelling smartwatches, but this just might be the one to break the trend; barring some unforeseen, irresistible release from one of the more popular players in the tech game of course. Of course.

Sources: MOTA, Liliputing

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