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Google Patent aims to convert your chats to comic strips

Google is trying to help you turn your witty conversations into comic strips for you share with your friends. This concept is not completely new, there’s very popular bitstrips and Apple , Mircosoft already had a go at it earlier. However, this new patent granted to Google aims at making things much more simpler and sharing easier.

According to the patent, the new system will use pre existing conversations in chats and turn them into digital comic strips. You can do it manually or let the system do it automatically where a conversation between at least two person is involved. The strip can be edited by all the participants and given a suitable title. Editing rights can also given to third party users, who can further add their touch of creativity to the comic strip.


Like I already mentioned this tech is not entirely new concept, but the fact that it comes from Google, sharing your comic strips in the Google universe is easy, and you can also embed them in your social network pages, and share via email or IM. The reader won’t need to visit a separate site to view them.

Now, don’t get too excited there is no confirmation that this new feature is going to become a reality. Google was just awarded a patent, this does not mean it’s official. However, keep your hopes high, we do need some way to share our precious comical online conversations.

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Source: SlashGear

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