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Google Now comes to your desktop

You must love Google Now on your Android devices, you can have it on your desktop too. Google Now has been integrated with alpha version Chrome browser (Canary). It will provide you with notification cards, based on location, time, weather and other context specific information right on your desktop.

Google hinted around a year ago that it had plans to roll out Google Now on desktop. The update is currently available only in the alpha build of the Chrome browser, that too under hidden experimental features.

To activate the feature you have to enter chrome://flags/#enable-google-now in the address bar. This will bring up settings page for experimental features, you can then enable google now from the options. Restarting the browser will get you the notification icon for google now on the taskbar. Clicking on the icon will show you card in the similar manner as in mobile.

Even though it will take some time before Google Now comes to stable builds, Google has already gone ahead and created a support page to help people who have dared to try it out. Google Now for desktop currently has lot of features missing that are available on the mobile version, but it is good to know that our mobile and desktop lives are coming closer.

Popularity of Chromebook has been on the rise, and Chrome is the most popular browser currently. In the last update, Chrome Browser brought Chrome OS interface to the Windows 8 mode. Google has already built a flourishing ecosystem in the mobile space around Android, now it is looking to annex the desktop territory using Chrome as the weapon.

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