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Galaxy S5 will have new multi-hovering feature

Samsung’s flagship S line has always brought new features with every new launch. Rumours and leaks about upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 have just started pouring in. Korean news sources are reporting that the new flagship will introduce multi-hovering featuring, an upgrade to Air View and Air gesture.

Galaxy S4 and Note 3 packs Air view feature but it works with one finger only, while the Air Gesture makes use of front facing camera and has certain limitations. According to the report by Korean Media, Synaptics, the human interface company has upgraded the technology to allow better range and accuracy. The stylus pen functionality can now recognise passive pen input that measures just 2.5pi.

The new touch free solution will help Samsung develop new applications that can take advantage of 2-point hovering input. The range has been extended to allow input from a distance of 15mm to 30mm.

A similar technology was being showcased at CES from Elliptic Labs, which made use of four ultrasound speakers to detect hovering. The company had then informed that touchless multi-hovering feature would be available in devices in 2014, the demo unit was a Galaxy S4. With two companies ready with their multi hovering technologies we might see this feature make way into devices other than Samsung flagships.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to debut sometime in May this year, there is lot of time for more clues to come up which will hint at what we can expect from Samsung’s next ‘S’ phone.

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