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Chrome apps come to Android

Chrome apps are what makes Chrome browser stay ahead of others. If you love your Chrome apps and just wished they could work on your mobile device, your wish has been granted. Developers can now make offline Chrome apps available to both Android and iOS.

Google is making use of Apache’s open-source Cordova Platform to convert Web apps to native apps. Google has launched a developer preview of a toolchain which will allow developers to build native apps using HTML, CSS and Javascript. The apps can be wrapped in a native app shell and made compatible for distribution on Google Play store. Necessary Chrome APIs could also be ported using this tool.

Earlier, Google had made Chrome desktop apps work like native apps on Windows, OS X and Chrome OS with access to computer’s GPU, storage, camera, ports, and Bluetooth connection. They can also exist outside of your browser window as distinct apps, work offline, and sync across devices and operating systems. This makes Chrome a true app platform and Chrome apps more than just web apps. However, since these apps have Chrome specific codes, they are not compatible with other browsers.

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Now Google is trying to make those apps run on mobile devices as native apps. Developers will have access to several Android APIs such as for payments, in app purchases, notifications etc. Cordova itself offers a variety of APIs for mobile platforms. This will make it easy for Chrome app developers to scale their apps to mobile platforms.


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