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Belkin shows Linux powered smart slow cooker at CES 2014

We live in an age where more and more devices are being run by operating systems, and are being connected to the internet that can seemingly be found all around us. The latest of such is a Belkin Smart Slow Cooker. As you might have guessed, the Slow Cooker is powered by WeMo, which is based on Linux and powers a multitude of other home based devices. This crock-pot is able to be controlled remotely via the WeMo app for Android or iOS and will be sure to have an edge on other slow cooking challengers. Mums no longer need to stay at home and wait for the cooking to be done. This functionality is huge and will surely make huge strides in 2014.

It was at CES 2013 that Belkin announced its plans to launch a line of connected appliances, and true to its word, the Smart Cooker has been announced. The smartphone app allows users to turn the cooker on or off, adjust the temperature and even get the estimated time of completion of a meal. I can see wives, husbands and tech lovers alike falling in love with a device like this. Along side the slow cooker is a coffee maker which is not yet a completed product, but is sure to cause a few bright eyes when its presented.

Remember everyone saying that 2013 was the year of Linux? Then everyone said that 2014 is the year of Linux? Well, the good news is that Linux has won. The largest OS in the world is based on Linux, and WeMo, which does an amazing job of home automation and making life easy is also powered by embedded Linux. It’s no longer a question of which year is the year of Linux. Linux has been here and is being used more and more whether people know it or not. The power of Open Source Software (OSS) is such that it allows for modular development and this helps to make our world a much better place.

We can’t wait to see what else is launched by Belkin and WeMo, and to see the expression on people’s faces when we tell them, “come see my Linux powered coffee maker.”

Sources: Belkin

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Image Source: The Verge

Myril Kennedy

I am a fan of technology and Android in particular. It has helped to turn the mobile industry on its head, and its open source nature has opened many doors that were previously closed. I am also a self confessed Google fanboy, so it may be reflected in my views from time to time.


  1. The Pawn Stars will remind you though that this slow cooker does not run Office or iTunes.

    • Yeah! What good is a slow cooker if I can’t watch Miley Cyrus twerking on it…or do some spreadsheet work for my Fortune 500 clients with it? Nobody’ll buy this thing.

  2. Do we really need smart slow cookers? Off, High, Low, Warm…. what’s so complicated about that? You need to have it turn on and off at a certain time? Plug it into a Intermatic timer.

    • “The smartphone app allows users to turn the cooker on or off, adjust the temperature and even get the estimated time of completion of a meal.”

      Gotta get the app!

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