Samsung cutting back on Android customizations: Report

If a recent report from Recode is anything to go by, Samsung is working with Google to bring its version of Android more in line with that of the search giant.

It is said that the two companies initiated the talks after Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Tab Pro and Note Pro lines featuring a new user interface called Magazine UX, at CES. With its panel-based home screen looking more like Windows 8, Magazine UX is being seen as a dramatic departure from the very core of Android itself.

Recode reports:

Multiple sources familiar with the companies’ thinking say the two technology giants began hammering out a series of broad agreements at CES that would bring Samsung’s view of Android in line with Google’s own. The results of the talks, which have only just begun dribbling out to the public, also underscore the extent to which Google is exerting more of its influence to control its destiny in the Android open source world.

Google executives were apparently not happy with changes in the tablet’s Magazine UX and felt the need to open a dialogue with the the Korean electronics giant.

Samsung said in a statement: “To continue our momentum of delivering great user experiences and bringing greater value to people’s lives, Samsung will continue to identify and provide differentiated and innovative service and content offerings on our mobile devices.”

Samsung may either include a scaled back version of Magazine UX or dump the interface all together in future devices.

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