Samsung makes EU push via 60 Carphone Warehouse-Samsung exclusive stores

Samsung shipped 320 million smart phones in 2013. Note, that’s 320 million. The Korean giant is the largest phone manufacturer in the world, and they post the numbers to back it up. Like all other smart companies though, they are not resting on their laurels. A recentĀ announcement by Carphone Warehouse details the new venture that will see over 60 Samsung exclusive stores pop up across Europe throughout this year.

Carphone Warehouse possesses some 1,400 retail stores across Europe and partnered with Samsung to release three Samsung exclusive stores in Spain last year. They must have been impressed by the response because this new development is a huge jump by both companies. Countries set to receive the new stores are the UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Sweden and the Netherlands. The outlets will not necessarily be new stores, but rather they are set to be converted into Samsung retail stores.

The report states that the full range of Samsung’s products will be on offer. They include phones, tablets, laptops and wearables. If you were interested in purchasing a fridge or stove from the manufacturer, it seems like you are out of luck. On the bright side, the stores are said to have a “premium look and feel,” something that we don’t always associate with Samsung, but we do hope that they deliver in this experience.

We have known for quite sometime that the physical presence of a retail store does well for a brand. It has helped to propel Apple’s iPhone to the forefront of many markets, and although Samsung is already the number one seller of smartphones, it will serve as a means of solidifying their position at the top. Stagnation is good for no company. I applaud Samsung’s forward thinking measures and look forward to the additional strides that they will make this year.

Sources: Carphone Warehouse

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