All’s not lost with Lenovo’s acquisition of Motorola — Project Ara stays with Google

A few hours ago we broke the news of Lenovo’s acquisition and to be honest, most of us are still in shock. I’m happy to report that all is not lost. Google is keeping the team working on the famed Project Ara;┬áthe team that proposes modular phones in the near future. These persons dream of the day when we won’t have to get rid of our entire phone when something new comes along, but we’ll rather be able to switch the parts to upgraded ones.

The Advanced Technology Group as it is known, is lead by Regina Dugan, who is the former director of DARPA. Dugan and her team will join the Android and will be under Sundar Pichai’s charge, although she will be given a bit more freedom to cook-up the crazy ideas that Google lives for. Dugan’s team not only spear headed Project Ara, but also has interests in authentication pills and tattoos with security sensors.

While we wonder what just happened, it seems like there is still some good news to go around. Lenovo has risen from the ashes to become the biggest pc vendor for a few years running, and we hope that they continue the ingenious path that Motorola has embarked on while under Google’s care. In the mean time, we anxiously wait to see what other crazy ideas Dugan and her team will come up with. Something tells me that they’ll be mind blowing.

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I am a fan of technology and Android in particular. It has helped to turn the mobile industry on its head, and its open source nature has opened many doors that were previously closed. I am also a self confessed Google fanboy, so it may be reflected in my views from time to time.

One thought on “All’s not lost with Lenovo’s acquisition of Motorola — Project Ara stays with Google

  1. Project Ara and dutch similar Phonebloks is important step towards a desktop pc like environment for smartphones and hopefully even for tablets.
    With modular components.

    Because all electronic waste which is generated today!

    And much more electronic waste will it be forthcoming years when the will see an avalanche in the progress of components where 2,5D and 3D IC will make all types of components in smartphones and tablets much more dense and faster.

    Next coming 5-years will we see a progress towards 3D IC.

    Today, Nand Flash memories are stacked but next coming years will all types of components be stacked, for example LPDDR with SoC and ReRAM or MRAM with SoC.

    Cam sensors as BSI-sensors will be stacked together with fast memories.
    Because of that BSI=Back-Side-illuminated sensors have their connections between each pixel-transistors on the the back-side of the cam sensor will the progress towards stacking them together memories be easier.

    With the development towards Poled=Plastic-Oled will we maybe see Lithium-battery stacked or glued together with the Poled display!
    Especially now when Poled displays can have graphene electrodes for multi-touch capacitive display.
    Graphene is super strong and transparent with exceptionell conductivity.

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