First ever CryEngine Game to head for Linux

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is set to be the first ever game on Linux that is based on the CryEngine. According to the Kickstarter page for the open world Role Playing Game (RPG) there will be Linux support for the game when it releases which is slated to be the fourth quarter of 2015.

According to the CryEngine wiki page, this game would be the first game to be built on the CryEngine supports Linux. So in all probability it might just be one of the most graphics intensive games on Linux. The game is already successfully funded and has been in development for almost two years.

The game is touted as an open world sandbox, first person, realistic RPG that is set in the medieval era with period accurate combat mechanics, meaning that the player will be able to fight like a person would in the medieval era while using weapons and armours that were common during that time. The game’s plot is set in Medieval Europe, according to the game page, “in a time of great upheaval and strife”. The player’s character is that of a humble blacksmith that has been robbed of everything due to the war. He is dragged to the thick of the war as he tries to fulfill the dying wish of his father. As fate would have it, he gets into the center of a thick conspiracy in order to save a kidnapped king and thus stop a bloody conflict. The game has three character classes, with the player being able to choose from either being a Knight a great warrior, a Rogue who is a master of lurking in the shadows or a Bard who can charm his way through the world. The nonlinear story comes from Daniel Vávra, an award-winning designer from the Mafia series. The game will have the player taking part in both single combat to large scale battles, all brought to life effortlessly using the visual fidelity offered by the CryEngine.

Overall the game seems very interesting and given that it will be using the CryEngine, the visuals are definitely going to be something to write home about. The game is set to have about 70+ hours of content, so it won’t be just eyecandy.

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