Sailfish OS ported to Nexus 4

In late 2013, Jolla revealed their plans to make Sailfish OS available on Android devices, so that they could entice developers to come up with native Sailfish apps. And now, a hacker has managed to port Sailfish OS to Google Nexus 4.

A video posted on The Jolla Blog shows the installation of the ROM on a Nexus 4.

The installation uses the popular ROM Manager for Android to flash the Sailfish OS ROM, and takes roughly two to three minutes to complete.

However, the video does not go on to show much of how the OS performs after installation. Moreover, there is no downloadable file available on the web (yet) that would allow other developers to tinker with their devices. Both these facts point to the same conclusion: the ROM might not be all that usable yet. It only shows a possibility.

Nonetheless, it has been claimed that the ROM should be able to run on any Android device with an unlocked bootloader — which includes all Nexus devices. And indeed, Jolla has also stated that they will officially support Sailfish on Nexus 4, Nexus 5 and Nexus 7.

The Nexus line of devices is quite popular among the developer community, because they offer a pure Android experience, and an open, unrestricted environment for tinkering and hacking. For this very reason, Jolla (and even Canonical for that matter) are targetting these devices to run their OSes, and gain more attention from the developers.

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