Verizon set to purchase Intel’s WebTV business

In 2013, rumours of a Web TV service by Intel swarmed the internet; it was set to rival all similar services that existed before it. As much as the onlooking public had hoped for a new ‘lord’ of the television, Intel soon found that it was not as easy as they first believed. As the year progressed, whispers about difficulty grew louder, and today, it has been announced and confirmed, that Verizon Wireless is set to purchase the unlaunched Web TV business of Intel.

The assets of Intel Media, the sub division that was set up by Intel to run the set top business, will be sold to Verizon Wireless in a deal reportedly worth as much as $500 million. As you might imagine, details are still a bit sketchy, but it is believed that all employees who previously worked for Intel, will continue working, but for Verizon, and will remain stationed in their original headquarters.

We’re not certain that persons are happy to subscribe to VZW for another service, but many are cutting the cord (dropping cable subscriptions) and Web TVs, set top boxes or anything resembling the Chromecast have been gaining traction at lightning speed. Persons are tired of paying monthly cable bills, only to be able to watch what is offered at the time. Set Television via the internet offers content when you desire it, as long as you can access it through your services.

Verizon, already the provider of FiOS Internet, abides in many homes and this seems like a natural step for them. It will only help to grow their presence in the home and fortify their stance in the digital world. It’s interesting to see whether traditional cable companies will seek to fight the inevitable, or if they will join in the fun. Either way, the increased competition is sure to make it better for consumers and we can’t wait for Verizon to get on stream.

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