Valve hints at a future in virtual reality entertainment

Valve has been on a tear lately with the release of their new OS and Steam Machine partners to go along with it. They are not making the mistake of resting on their laurels though, in fact, they have recently announced plans to look into virtual reality (VR) entertainment, and believe that it will be huge within the next two years.

Michael Abrash, a veteran programmer who now resides at Valve, gave his views on the topic at the recently held Steam Dev Days conference. Said Abrash, “Compelling consumer-priced VR hardware is coming, probably within two years. It’s for real this time – we’ve built prototypes, and it’s pretty incredible. Our technology should work for consumer products. VR will be best and will evolve most rapidly on the PC. Steam will support it well and we think it’s possible that it could transform the entire entertainment industry.”

The words you just read were uttered from a man with a plan, and by a man who intends to realise his dreams. Abrash also revealed that Valve has already pledged support to Oculus, the manufacturer of the Rift; the Virtual Reality console so to speak, which has caused all the stir during the last two CES events.

Abrash went into further detail and you can view the PDF document yourself for the other ‘titbits’ that he said. It’s a wonderful thing when companies are keen on breaking the trend and on disturbing a market. This is where new ideas are borne — this is where change takes place and this is how industries have changed direction in the past. Valve is set to do this with both the SteamOS and with Virtual Reality entertainment, and something tells me that there’s little we can do to stop them — not that we’d want to anyway.

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