Sirius — Sony’s rumoured flagship to feature 5.2″ screen, 3GB of RAM and launch with KitKat

It’s flagship time, and many OEMs are eager to get a jump on their competitors in 2014. Sony is one such OEM, and recent rumours have pointed towards their upcoming flagship which is codenamed, ‘Sirius’. A recent post by XperiaBlog suggests that Sirius will sport a 5.2″ screen, 3GB of memory and the Qualcomm MSM8974AB processor. A little digging reveals that this processor is the Snapdragon 800. Though not the newest in Qualcomm’s line, the 800 is no slouch, and a 2.3Ghz clockspeed with Adreno 330 Graphics should serve Sony well for the next year or so.

Although the firmware build on the leaked images point to Android 4.3, it is thought to be an old build, and Android 4.4 KitKat is expected at launch. The Android space has been a race about specs for the past three or four years, and it shows no sign of slowing down, despite the best efforts of some manufacturers to use optimization over increased specs. The Moto X and G are examples of this, and they offer great experiences without throwing unimaginable specs at the devices.

Sony seems to be caught in the midst of this with the Sirius. 3GB of memory is rumoured despite Android KitKat only needing 512MB to run well. They also seem to have increased the screen size to 5.2″ despite many claiming 5″ to be a sweet spot and no complaints about the size of the Z1. On the contrary, they find 1080p panels to be sufficient and have opted to stay away from the rumoured 2K displays that are about to hit. Alas, the life of an OEM is quite a difficult one, and they must do what they deem fit for their survival. The Android space needs more top devices to balance the playing field, and with this in mind, I hope for great success for Sony’s new flagship.

For screenshots and eye candy of the rumoured Sirius, head over to Xperiablog. By the way, did anyone ever figure out how Motorola got the Moto G to last two days on charge with only a 2070 mAh battery? I sure would love to know.

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