Oppo N1 shows ‘midnight blue’ variant and we love it

Images have just been released of the Oppo N1 in all its glory, sporting a midnight blue hue, as opposed to its original white colour. New colours don’t always cause much stir, but this time, the N1 looks astonishing to say the least, and provides a great feast for all who admire well built devices.

It is believed that the internals will remain unchanged from the original N1, and this is good, barring the lack of LTE that is. For a quick refresher, the N1 boasts a Snapdragon 600 CPU clocked at 1.7 Ghz, Adreno 320 Graphics and 2GB of memory. A 13MP camera and a whopping 3610mAh battery ensure that she takes some decent shots, while lasting all day on the job.

Oppo stormed onto the global smartphone scene in February 2013 with the Find 5. Although not their first smart phone, this was the first to gain attention in the western world and in markets outside of China. Oppo’s latest hard hitter, the N1, is a 5.9″ 1920 x 1080p cellphone that’s unique in many ways, but most importantly, because its the first phone to run CyanogenMod out of the box, and it holds a very special place in our hearts because of this.

The revolutionary swivel camera is in tact as you might imagine, but we’re not sure if more storage options might be available with this offering. At this point, we don’t if the midnight blue edition will also run CyanogenMod by default, but with the company keen on simplifying the installation process, it won’t take much an eager user to replace Oppo’s ColourOS with that of Cyanogen. I’ve always maintained that I should not only enjoy using my phone, but I should also enjoy looking at it, and this device is surely pleasing to the eye. Well done Oppo, well done.

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