Halle’s sci-fi TV debut Extant premiers this summer, July 2

Halle Berry is coming to TV, and most of her fans cannot wait to program her hot self into their television sets. According to a recent announcement, Halle’s big debut in CBS’ Extant, a sci-fi series, which is being produced by Steven Spielberg’s Amblin production team, will happen on 2 July. A smart move by the channel and the producers, we say – keeping in mind that the date falls in the American Independence Day week.

This week, CBS released two teasers to give the viewers an idea as to what the series is going to be. The first is just an 11 second clip with the announcement of Academy Award Winner Halle Berry and executive producer Steven Spielberg coming together for Extant. In the second, which is a 25 second clip, the word Extant is explained as – ‘still in existence’, ‘the opposite of extinct’. The teaser that cuts through a few images quickly – of Earth, an eyeball, a heart beating and a foetus, doesn’t give away much except that ‘Life always finds a way’.


The plot of the series revolves around an astronaut, played by Berry, who returns to Earth after a year-long solo mission in space and tries to reconnect with her family. According to the program brief, “Her experiences change the course of human history.”

Now, what could that mean? The most probable answer could be that she is an alien now. Or maybe she married or had a sexual liaison with an alien in space. But definitely something with aliens, right?

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