Samsung’s next-gen TouchWiz UI will feature Google Now-like notifications

Previous leaks by @evleaks gave a glimpse into what could be a redesign of Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface. Now according to a new set of leaked photos, the revamped user interface will feature Google Now-like notifications.

TouchWiz comes pre-loaded on the Android-powered mobile devices offered by the South Korean giant. It has so far attracted regular criticism for being cluttered, ugly and slow.

Going by the freshly leaked images, the TouchWiz Android interface seems to be strongly inspired by Google Now’s context-sensitive cards. The card-like interface includes sport scores, flight details, appointments, exercise tracking, route maps, home control, message notifications and NFC payment confirmation – the list of course exceeds the number of features currently offered by Google Now.

It looks like Samsung is taking the card user interface a bit further by making an addition of a social element beyond commute updates and birthday announcements.

Though there is no official word from Samsung, it is expected that the South Korean giant might introduce this completely revamped UI on the Galaxy S5. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is likely to be debuted as soon as March this year.

The company has also reportedly filed a trademark application for Samsung Galaxy S Value brand name.

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