Sacramento Kings to wear Glass – Offer court side experience

Google Glass has been in the news a lot lately. Persons have been charged, and have had their charges dropped which, as we know, is a huge win for Glass. Recently, the Sacramento Kings, a basket ball franchise, announced their plans to wear glass on January 24th for a home game. Sadly, the players on the court will not be wearing glass, but a few players on the side lines, cheer leaders, mascots and even commentators are scheduled to don the wearables.

The move is the result of a partnership between the Kings and CrowdOptic and they plan to compile a wonderful package for Kings fans to enjoy, and hopefully, all other fans as well. CrowdOptic also intends to feature Glass again in the future, and have stated that “there is a really is strong interest in building this out.” They seem to have their eyes on the kind of progress that they can make through Glass, and it seems like Glass will be having a lot more admirers before long.

Glass has been one of the stars of wearable technology for the past year or so. Several persons in the tech community have either loved, hated, or have been indifferent towards them. Lately, something else started happening. Victor Oladipo, an NBA player, wore Glass at the 2013 NBA draft, of which he was a part. It felt like NBA players weren’t the only ones being drafted that night — It felt like Glass, too, was being drafted into the mainstream, into the limelight so to speak. With millions watching the draft around the world, it was a great night for Google’s Glass.

A teaser released by the Kings of what we can expect from the footage

As wearables continue to gain popularity in the media, whether because of driving offences, being banned from pubs, or because they caught footage of a fight, more persons are becoming aware of what they are, what they do, and the future that they represent. Persons are now able to easily identify them on the street, and many have expressed a desire to purchase them once they go on full retail. Glass has a bright future ahead of it, and I can’t wait to experience them at least once. If you had Glass, what would you use it for?

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