Countdown begins for FOSDEM 2014

FOSDEM, widely recognised as the best open source conference in Europe, is back in full force. The free and non-commercial event will take place on 1 and 2 February 2014 at ULB Campus Solbosch in Brussels (Belgium) to promote the use of open source software.

Known for being highly developer-oriented, the event brings together over 5000 geeks from all over the world. The primary goal of Free and Open source Software Developers’ European Meeting (FOSDEM) is to promote the development and the benefits of open source solutions.

Software developers and communities can look forward to the event to get in touch with other developers and projects; and also be updated about the latest developments in the open source world.

The event provides with a platform to attend interesting talks and presentations on various topics by open source project leaders and committers.

Here are details on some of the main track and keynote speakers who will be attending the event. Arvind Raj, a first year CS grad student at Amrita University, India, will give a talk about Sage, a mathematics software system, and the power that it brings to a user. Bjarni Rúnar Einarsson, an Icelandic free software developer, will give an introduction to Mailpile at FOSDEM 2014.

Daniel Martí, a computer engineering student from Barcelona, will talk about F-Droid, the Free Software app distribution platform for Android. Through his talk, Martí expects people to see F-Droid as an alternative, rather than a competitor, to the standard Google Play market.

David Goulet, the maintainer of lttng-tools (one of the components in the LTTng toolchain) will talk about Linux tracing with LTTng: The love of development without printf().

Also Michael Dale, a long-time open video advocate and free media software developer, will share his thoughts on the topic HTML5 Video Part Deux: New Opportunities and New Challenges.

As always, you can be a part of the event as a volunteer too to help make FOSDEM a fun and safe place for all attendees.

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