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1984 remake with Kristen Stewart and JLaw’s boyfriend

NSA meets Twilight Zone! The massive success of The Hunger Games meant only one thing: Dystopian science-fiction movies are back. And it was only a matter of time before someone came out and announced a remake of the classic dystopian novel and movie 1984. Drake Doremus has just beaten everybody else and announced that he is going to remake 1984, albeit a little romantic twist, with stars Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult as leads. The film will be titled Equals.

It’s been just five days since the announcement but since then, sci-fi fans, movie lovers, 1984 fans and Kristen Stewart haters have all come out in open to discuss the fate of the movie. From pages being dedicated to We don’t want Kristen in 1984 remake on facebook to articles on how Kristen Stewart is set to butcher 1984 into an epic love story, the online media is buzzing.

For starters, let us throw some light on the movie and why it is making such big news. 1984, the original movie that came out in 1956 was based on George Orwell’s sci-fi novel by the same name. The story was about a dystopian world devastated by atomic war, where one’s independent internal thoughts are known and punished by the totalitarian government. In this crazy world lives Winston Smith, a low-level bureaucrat in charge of rewriting official history in order to make the government seem all-knowing and powerful. Knowing what he knows, Winston secretly despises the government and wishes to overthrow it.

Now, the story is good and it is the best time for its remake, owing to the Big Brother is Watching You stuff happening around. But the problem or the issues that the fans have with the remake is one, when was 1984 about love and romance and two, why is Kristen ‘rubber face’ Stewart been cast as one of the romantic leads?

Addressing the first issue – 1984 is not a love story, but yes, there is a romantic angle to it – the story of Winston and Julia. But the way it ends (not to give away any spoilers), fans of the novel say it is hardly a love story. Now the director has said that they have made slight changes to the original story, so that remains to be seen how strong a romantic punch the writers introduce.   

Coming to Kristen Stewart, I personally don’t have anything against Kristen. I think she did a good job in the Twilight series but the fact that the director chose her over Jennifer Lawrence (who is currently dating Nicholas Hoult, who is the male lead in the movie) is beyond reason. To his defence, Doremus said that he felt Stewart had better chemistry with Nicholas. (What? Really? How? Their chemistry was awesome at the Golden Globes at least where JLaw planted a kiss on Nicholas as soon as her name was announced as the Best Actress in a supporting role).

Even if you keep the chemistry angle aside, KStew is known more for her expressionless face than her acting chops. And she herself has said that she is “terrified” of the role. So terrified is she that she went ahead and told her director not to “expect that I am going to be able to do this. It’s too hard.”

To give one to Stewart, she has clearly been trying to take on more challenging roles since the Twilight Saga, but will she be able to do justice to Julia’s character in the remake? Well, only time will tell. But as a sci-fi fan, I am more than happy with the return of Dystopian stories. Are you?

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3 thoughts on “1984 remake with Kristen Stewart and JLaw’s boyfriend

  1. Equilibrium(2002), Cypher (2002), Minority Report (2002), Enemy of the State(1998)- I love these type of movie & Divergent(2014) looks like a good one for 2014.

    With 1984 it is so iconic that it is hard to see a remake working unless they change things with a relaunch keep the theme but loose the details like the names. In Time (2011) is 1984 like.

  2. What kind of reporter are you? Since you can’t get the correct facts before posting on the internet, let me correct you. Firstly Jennifer turned down the role saying it’s not for her, then Nicolas and the director decided that Kristen would be a good fit for it as she and Nicolas have great chemistry. Also it’s not a remake of 1984, it’s just the same sort of story but with more romance. Jeez you press people just get worse and worse.

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