Spotify uses Debian, endorses systemd instead of Upstart as default

Debian is considering between Upstart and systemd – two competing daemons. While Upstart was developed solely by Canonical, systemd was developed by contributors from different distributions (edited, thanks to Jos Poortvliet).

Debian is the base of Ubuntu, which is develped by Canonical and the Canonical employees on Debian board are, for obvious reasons, supporting their own Upstart instead of systemd.

systemd has replaced the init system of many leading Gnu/Linux based distributions and became the default system management daemon. Now Spotify has put its weight in favour of systemd.

The company, like ever other stream player out there uses GNU/Linux. They run Debian GNU/Linux on their 5000+ physical and over a 1000 virtual servers which serve streaming music service to its customers.

Since Debian is debating between Upstart and systems, Spotify, as a heavy Debian user, has joined the discussion in favour of systemd.

Spotify team says,

We would like to take this opportunity to endorse systemd as our preferred
init system and we would like to see it as default on Debian GNU/Linux
moving forward.

Our main reasons for this preference:

– We believe that the dependency model of systemd is easier to understand,
explain and work with than the event based counterpart of upstart.

– We believe that the various features built on top of the way systemd uses
cgroups, notably mechanisms for resource limitations, would be very useful
in a highly scalable highly available environment such as ours.

– We believe that systemd will have the stronger community momentum moving
forward when it comes to seeing close integration between modern init
system features and upstream projects.

With kind regards
Spotify infrastructure and operations
Noa Resare, Free Software ombudsman

Time will tell how much weight does Spotify hold to influence Debian’s decision to choose systemd over Upstart.

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3 thoughts on “Spotify uses Debian, endorses systemd instead of Upstart as default

  1. For a simple reason: similar to how Google acquired Writely and turned it to Google Docs, Google acquired another company that allows web based editing of Microsoft Powerpoint documents, and turned that into Google Presentations. That product solely focused on MS Powerpoint, without any capabilities of viewing/editing ODP. Adding ODP will cost significantly more, with marginal benefit to the target Google Docs / Google Apps user base.

  2. Interesting times for Linux. The churn in the init systems as well as the X-window replacement are pretty dramatic. I’ve been using Systemd on Arch since they integrated it. I like the speed; I don’t like the binary nature of it; I don’t like the fact that journalctl has broken on me a few times, but I can accept it’s still relatively new.

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