Road to GNOME 3.12 : Overview of GNOME 3.11.4

Most Linux distros bundle GNOME desktop environment (DE) with even minor version numbers (3.8.x, 3.10.x). Like Fedora was released with GNOME 3.10.3. The version 3.11.2 was available in November but it was not bundled .The reason behind it is that GNOME takes a different approach to their software releases. The odd minor versions (3.9, 3.11) of GNOME are development versions of the subsequent even versions (3.10, 3.12). So the .11 version is roughly an alpha version of the .12 branch.

GNOME 3.12 is scheduled to be released on March 26th this year. The version 3.11.4 is January’s snapshot of GNOME development. Since this is a development version ,it needs to be compiled manually and installed. Interested people can check the JHbuild manual for details on compiling.

Following is the summary of major changes in GNOME 3.11.4:

Epiphany (Web)

  • Add preference option to change the search engine
  • Clean up the style of about: pages
  • Use a custom style for the incognito mode
  • Reset the language setting when all languages are removed from the UI
  • Don’t open downloads automatically
  • Improved looks of the location entry
  • Improved looks of the downloads bar
  • Use HTTPS for DDG and Google searches by default
  • Improve filename suggestion for downloads
  • Remove analytics from browsed urls when using ‘Do Not Track’
  • Many other code fixes
  • Updated translations


  • more new gnome-rr api
  • drop using glibc internal headers
  • docs for thumbnailers
  • idle monitor fixes
  • use newer libgsystem internally


  • Support for pocket added.


  • GtkActionBar: A new container, which has a centered child like GtkHeaderBar. It can be used in places where header bar theming is not suitable
  • GtkAppChooser: The online support has been simplified and modernized
  • GtkHeaderBar button theming has been changed to be more flexible. There is now a gtk-decoraton-layout setting and a decoration-layout property.
  • Theming: The Raleigh theme has been updated for several new features, including client-side decorations
  • Model-based menus now support a hidden-when attribute on items that allows them to be hidden on various conditions


File roller:

  • Use a HeaderBar instead of a Toolbar
  • Removed the statusbar.


  • Refresh the main user interface, radically changing the user interacts with the UI.
  • Remove deprecated API.
  • Integrate change case plugin inside GtkSourceView directly.
  • Improvements in docs.
  • Misc bug fixes.

The complete list of changes for core and apps is available below

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