PiPad, a Raspberry Pi tablet

The Internet is overflowing with projects built using the popular Raspberry Pi mini PC. And if you were considering making your own tablet, this one looks like an awesome feat of DIY engineering involving the tiny computer.

DIYer Michael Castor set out to build an all-in-one system that is portable, usable and Linux based, and the result is a unique Raspberry Pi-powered tablet called the PiPad. Its 10,000mAh battery provides a usable six hours of run-time and uses a Raspberry Pi Model B mini PC, with a 10″ capacitive touch screen with LDVS adapter.

Michael Castor who is a tinkerer at heart explains: “Early in 2013 I started accumulating parts. The Raspberry Pi runs off of 5V so I knew it could be powered from a cell phone charger. Most touchscreens I could find were 12V though, making the electrical work more complex.”

“After a bit of searching I finally found what I was looking for: a touchscreen monitor with a 5V HDMI to LVDS converter from a site called Chalk-Elec.com. I plugged the screen in as soon as I received it and to my delight it worked perfectly with the Pi, even the capacitive touchscreen. Now I knew my dream of a Raspberry Pi tablet was possible,” he adds.

Michael particularly wanted a device to keep him company on flights, and wanted it to look smooth and professional. He recently arrived at Maker Faire having used his PiPad on the aeroplane on the way over to watch movies.

Want to build your own Raspberry Pi tablet? Head over to the MAKE website for details.

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