State of New York set to permit the use of medical marijuana

With each new day comes opportunities for change. Some welcome it while others refuse it, but the State of New York is set to make a major change to their legislation. Before lovers of the herb start dancing and rejoicing though, it must be noted that the distribution of marijuana will be very controlled. It will be distributed to 20 hospitals across the state, and will only be used to treat patients suffering from Glaucoma, cancer or any other disease that is approved for treatment by the state.

This news is quite a shocker as New York happens to be a state with the second highest rate of marijuana related arrests in the country. While it is a change in stance by Governor Cuomo, it is still more stringent than rules in California or Colorado where marijuana is available to anyone with as little as a back ache. It will be interesting to see if the stranglehold on the herb is eased in the future and whether other states will decide to follow suit. No matter the outcome, winds of change have definitely blown across Northern and Southern America. Just recently, Uruguay legalized marijuana, and other countries have begun discussions to do the same.

With the majority of Americans recently expressing consent for the legalization of marijuana, it’s only a matter of time before other states allow partial or full use for the sick at least. If this test by the state turns out to be successful and there are no visibly harmful effects, expect to see more widespread use in not only New York State but others as well. For more information on the ground breaking developments, hit the link after the break.

Sources: nytimes, the verge

Image Sources: npr

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4 thoughts on “State of New York set to permit the use of medical marijuana

    1. The source code for marijuana is open sourced and can be shared by all.

      You can find info online how to grow it without relying on the black market, there is a very worldwide community of users and growers who share tips and methods for cloning, seeding, planting,etc..
      They even have their festivals like Linux has and their own vi vs emacs rivalries(sativa vs indica, hydroponic vs earthgrown).

      honestly, I didnt hear about NY but dont forget that the US has been arresting 750,000 poeple EACH year ever since that criminal idiot Clinton kicked the war on marijuana in overdrive (I think it was 3-5 times lower) by hiring a WAR general to lead the war against his own people, especially the sick and dying (if you remember back in those days, seeing dying people that were bedridden being handcuffed by brave police for smoking pot). it spawned a whole industry of drug testing (marijuna stays in your body for a month while hard drugs flush out much faster), policing, jails, rehabbing, etc.

      1. Mention dying people is always persuasive, haha.
        Anyway, sounds good to me because they (US lobby) banned it (and not only it) all over the world. Between you and me, politics love restrictions par exellence.

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