Parrot announced more affordable and smaller drones at CES 2014

I have yet to find an adult who wouldn’t want to play with a drone. Whether it’s Knoppix founder Klaus Knopper of Red Hat evangelist Jan Wildeboer – they all love their drones. One thing that’s keeping an average person from becoming a ‘drone-owner’ is price. These are expensive; Drone 2.0 with replacement battery will cost you around $349 plus additional $100 if you want shield and stuff to protect it.

Parrot are at CES, as expected, and they have announced that cheaper and smaller drones are on their way. Parrot demonstrated Parrot Mini Drone at CES 2014. The drone works on both WiFi as well as Bluetooth. The company has not, as expected, disclosed the pricing it one may assume that these machines will be more affordable than their big brothers.

Mini Drone can be controlled by a smartphone and it has a protective wheel around it which also protects it from ‘crashes’. The mini devices packs quite a lot of sensors (thus the cost) and comes with an accelerometer, gyroscope, ultrasonic sensor as well as a camera which the drone uses for stability.

No, you can send your drone to pick packages from Amazon locker, the mini drones have a range of approximately 160 feet and can stay in air only for 6-7 minutes on a full charge.

Image Credit: The Verge

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