Is LG working on a robot?

The Korean giant has been awakened by recent successes with Nexus devices and the by the relative success of the G2. The company has recently filed for a series of trademark names; some of which are new and some are old ones that are being revisited. Tech heads around the internet have already started guessing what the names might be referring to and we imagine that you too will do the same. Before we reveal these to you, I just want to make it clear that this year’s CES might ‘blow our socks off.’ Consider yourself warned.

The following is a list of the new trademarks that were filed:

  • LG G Bot
  • Meta Drive
  • Fireweb
  • Air and Zero Gap

Like many others before me, I am going to give my interpretation of what these may refer to, and they will likely coincide with other guesses. The LG G Bot, without a doubt, sounds like a type of robot. What will this robot do or how big will it be? I have no idea. As was mentioned by Phandroid, the G seems to suggest that it may be powered by Android, but that too is anyone’s guess. Some have suggested that Meta Drive would cater to cloud storage needs and I have no reason to argue against this. Another possibility is that it may feature some advanced storage method on devices that provides increased speed or compact space.

Fireweb, for all intents and purposes seems like a new and faster way to browse the web. Similar to Amazon’s introduction of the Silk Browser, companies like to name new technologies and ways of doing things. I have no doubt that LG will tout it as the fastest way to browse the web on a mobile device once it launches. Air and Zero Gap are almost certainly references to construction methods. Some of these terms have been coined before by other OEMs, but it seems like no one has ever filed for them before. HTC announced Zero Gap construction with the One, and if LG is able to produce anything that is remotely similar to the One in terms of build quality and or design language, then LG should have a bright future ahead.

Other notable mentions were Exalt, Motion, Elite and Reflex, but these were filed previously and were being brought up for review or to be used soon. The race is close. Everyone has Samsung and Apple in their crosshairs, ready to take aim. I hope the OEMs have been taking target practice, because their aim would need to be exceptional.

Sources: Phandroid

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