Intel rumoured to launch several wearables at CES

In a recent interview with recode, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich gave his thoughts on Intel’s position in the mobile market, and what they planned to do in 2014. Said Krzanich, “Right now people look at Intel as the PC company.” These words were very true and the reason is pretty obvious. What Krzanich said next will play on our minds for the next few days. “Wearables is wide open. What you will see at CES is that we are actually going to bring some very innovative wearables to the show that are developed and manufactured here,” an ecstatic Krzanich bellowed.

The CEO’s words are like sweet music to our ears. He is correct in stating that the market is still very much up for grabs, and as we mentioned previously, CES will have a lot of wearables on display. Intel is seeking to become a major player in the mobile market and has made great strides through partnerships with Samsung and Motorola. They are pushing to have their chips in more devices, and one of the best ways to do that is to make their own.

Let’s be honest here. Wearables were a big deal in 2013 with Google Glass, the Pebble and the Galaxy Gear either becoming popular or even going on sale, and we expect much more from these companies and many others in 2014. The big question is, which OEM is going to steal the show in the wearable department? This, my friends, is a multi million or even billion dollar question.

Sources: Recode

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