Samsung to release Galaxy Gear 2?

Samsung has always been active on twitter. Whether it’s fighting with other OEMs, or making promotions, they know just how to use social media to their advantage. This time, Samsung, through their UK account, has posted an image which seems to suggest that the follow up to the now famous Galaxy Gear 2 is nearby.

Since its launch, the Galaxy Gear has received mixed reviews from the industry, and Samsung will be willing to improve upon their last offering in a timely manner. With CES coming up, we expect to see a lot of smart watches being displayed, and Samsung will be keen to steal the show in this category. Rumours of a new Galaxy Gear have been around for some time now, and we must wonder if this is the hint we’ve been waiting for.

Judging from the caption, “What do you want Samsung to unveil in 2014?” it seems like there might be something else on their mind as well. With a company like Samsung that is able to produce hardware almost at a moment’s notice, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a drone from them at this point. Excitement has already hit fever pitch in anticipation of next week’s offerings and teases like these only help to add fuel to the fire that we love so much.

Our advice to you remains the same. Stay connected and we’ll be covering as much as is humanly possible from this year’s CES. If Samsung does indeed launch its second edition Galaxy Gear, we should all hope that it’s not too late to request pricey Christmas gifts from our friends and family.

Sources: Samsung [Twitter]


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