ZTE to showcase its smartwatch among other devices in CES

With the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) around the corner, Chinese manufacturer ZTE is showcasing a number of its smart devices. The list includes a smartwatch, smartphones and a phablet. Zeng Xuezhong, ZTE executive vice-president and head of the mobile devices division, said in a statement, “ZTE has been developing a portfolio of fantastic consumer electronics on top of the smartphones for which we’ve become well known. This year, we will be focusing on pairing unique designs with unparalleled technology in order to offer customers the best possible experience at an affordable price.”

After announcing in November last year, ZTE will put its smartwatch, christened Bluewatch, on display. The design of the Bluewatch is still not out in the open. What is known though is that Bluewatch will have a pedometer to give out fitness details and will also remotely handle smartphones. Bluewatch will be able to handle calls, phone camera and provide access to Facebook and Twitter. It is expected that Bluewatch will initially only work with ZTE phones and support other smartphones in the future.

The company will also showcase the Grand S II, the successor to its flagship model – the Grand S. The Grand S II will be the company’s first “high-precision voice phone” which will be capable of responding to voice commands. Voice commands may be used to unlock the phone and take pictures. The phone will also feature built-in noise reduction for clearer voice.

Apart from the Grand S II, the company will also put up its Nubia 5S and Nubia 5S mini for display. Both the models will feature quad-core Snapdragon processors and are aimed at photo enthusiasts with “professional-grade” camera hardware. The 5S will sport a 5 inch display while the mini will feature a smaller 4.7 inch display.┬áRounding of the phones will be the Sonata 4G, a 4G-capable phone with 1.4GHz Snapdragon 400 CPU, 4″ display and 5MP rear camera.

Among the other technologies on display will be the Projector Hotspot which is a mini projector with 4G Wi-Fi hotspot. ZTE will also display the AT&T Wireless Home Base which will allow users to connect their home phones to the AT&T wireless network instead of the phone jack.

Source: Slashgear

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