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Top 13 developments of Ubuntu in 2013

With a few days left for the new year, 2013 has almost come to an end.  This year was an interesting year for Linux, particularly for Ubuntu. A lot of important announcements and releases  took place.  Here is a look back at the top 13 developments of Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Touch OS announced
It was on 2nd of January when the Ubuntu Touch was first announced. Demo phones were shown off to give the world a taste of whats next to come. The announcement send the mobile world into a tizzy as not only the regular Linux magazines and blogs but established players like The Verge, CNET and WSJ started covering Ubuntu.


Ubuntu touch officially demoed, wins award
Ubuntu Touch was officially shown off in big events like CES and MWC. Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona was a great platform where Canonical  showcased Ubuntu Touch cementing the claim that Ubuntu was really going the mobile way. Ubuntu’s dream run continued as they notched up the most exciting mobile OS of the year presented by CNET. They just loved it!

Mir announced
Mark Shuttleworth talked of convergent OS, one OS for mobiles, tablets and desktops. Unity 8 would be desktop of choice running on QT/QML instead of Compiz and to run Unity 8, a new display server, Mir, would be developed. Wayland, the display server which was initially backed by Shuttelworth, was unceremoniously dropped in favour of Mir. This decision created a huge backlash from the Wayland  community.

Carrier Advisory Group'(CAG) for Ubuntu Touch
Canonical launched ‘Carrier Advisory Group'(CAG) for Ubuntu Touch. CAG was international forum which offered mobile networks the chance to shape the development of Ubuntu Touch by offering advice and feedback on its features and designs. The CAG memebers would be the first to get a sneek peek into whats coming next in Ubuntu Touch.


Ubuntu’s Bug #1 was marked closed(fixed)
Mark Shuttleworth surprised everyone by marking the infamous ‘Bug #1′  ­ which was opened to ensure‘…the majority of the PCs for sale should include only free software.’  He reasoned:

From a competitive perspective, that broader market has healthy competition, with iOS and Android representing a meaningful share.

– which didn’t make much of sense as iOS is neither free nor opensource !

Ubuntu Edge announced
Halfway through the year Canonical announced a $32m crowdfunding project to build a superphone – part phone, part pocket pc. The phone was supposed to be released with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Initial reception of the campaign was overwhelming, smashing existing records, even garnered pledge of $80,000 from the likes of Bloomberg.


Ubuntu Edge fails to take off
The 1 month campaign to raise $32m ended in a heartbreak. The collection fell short by $19.2m. The community could not keep up with the initial hype. Some said that the price was too high and few others said the phone’s release was too far away and unrealistic. Nevertheless, the campaign smashed a few crowdfunding records as well posing as a good publicity platform for the Ubuntu Touch OS.

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Sayantan Das

Sayantan is a Sr. IT Consultant working at Srinsoft Technologies, Chennai. He has over six years of work experience with more than four years as a Linux System Administrator. He is a Linux enthusiast and a blogger. He is also a regular contributor to the Ubuntu Manual.


  1. “- which didn’t make much sense as iOS is neither free nor opensource !”

    Sayantan, I think you misunderstood, I feel Mark was talking about Android (free & opensource) when closing Ubuntu’s Bug #1. Although iOS is neither free nor opensource it is remarkable how its challenging the monopoly.

    • Sayantan Das

      Thank you for your reply. I was talking only about iOS wrt free and open source…

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