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Samsung is making 5.25 inch 2560×1440 resolution screen for Galaxy S5

Rumours and specification leaks about Samsung’s upcoming flagship smartphone: the Galaxy S5 are slowing picking pace. The latest report from Korean DDaily tells that Samsung has started mass producing 5.25 inch screens with a whopping resolution of 2560×1440 pixels for the Galaxy S5.

Even though next generation of the Galaxy S line is expected to have a slightly larger screen size of 5.25 inch against Galaxy S4’s 5 inch screen, Samsung might try to keep the overall size of the device same, like it did with the Galaxy Note 3. The display will have 560 ppi pixel density and will be an AMOLED panel. We really wonder if such high density display is make any practical difference in quality or it is battery hogging spec show off. If the reports about the panels entering production are true, we might not see any curved or flexible display offering in the Galaxy S5.

In a bid to outdo arch rival apple, Samsung might also put in an ‘iris scanner’ for enhanced security to compete with iPhone’s fingerprint scanner. This might all seem like stuff right out of science fiction movies, but Samsung might be the first smartphone manufacturer to use your own eye for identification, making fingerprint scanners look oldschool. Reports hint that Samsung has already finished working on this technology and they might move on to mass produce the scanner soon.

Other speculations indicate that Galaxy S5 might come equipped with 64 bit Samsung Exynos octa core processor. However, there is still a possibility of Snapdragon 800 powering the device. There can also be 3GB of RAM,4000mAh battery, Android 4.4 KitKat with TouchWiz UI and 13 megapixel camera module.

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We are looking at a possible Q1 announcement of Samsung Galaxy S5, most probably in February at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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