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Now you can download Gmail and Google Calendar data

Good news for Gmail and Google Calendar users, you can now download a custom archive of you emails and calendars. Currently the trend is to backup all your data on the cloud, but incase you want to do the reverse thing, Google now allows that. Basically this is useful for exporting your data to other services.

You can customise what you want to archive and download, choose according to labels or specific calendar. This enables you to have control on what you want to export. The data is downloaded in MBOX format.

Google Takeout is the service from Google that enables archiving of your Google products data. There are a over 16 products that Google is supporting right now and Gmail and Google Calendars are the latest addition to the service.

Just a word of caution; if you do not see Gmail or Google Calendar listed on the site, don’t panic, Google is rolling out the service for Gmail and Google Calendar gradually.

Some might debate that backing up data offline doesn’t make sense when cloud is the safer alternative for storage and why would Google support exporting the data to other services – just for being the good guy? Turns out some people at Google took CEO, Eric Schmidt’s words about not being evil evil too seriously.They created ‘Data Liberation Front’ and work for the freedom of the users. Google Takeout is initiative by the data Liberation Front team to make moving out of Google services easier, should a user choose to do so.

What’s the catch? Google still keeps all your data and does not delete them once you have exported it. Also Google Takeout doesn’t provide archiving service for Google Search (I think that’s a good thing).

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