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Nokia’s attempt at an Android phone

Seems like Nokia could not stay away from trying their hands at Android. Many sources have reported that the Finnish company has been working on an Android device codenamed ‘Normandy.’

The device will be a low end end smartphone running a ‘forked’ variant of Android. The ‘forked’ version of Android will not be aligned with Google’s own version and may not even feature Google Play service on the device. This is similar to heavily customised version of Android on Amazon Kindle Fire, which has Amazon’s own app store.

Our trusted tipster(or leakster), @eveleaks was the first to show us images of a device with no capacitive buttons and draw design features from Lumia phones. Till now it is known that ‘Normandy’ will run apps like Skype and other popular apps.

MIcrosoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s handset business is underway, it will be interesting to see if Nokia can release the device before the deal is closed, or Microsoft will support the plan even after acquisition is over.

The Verge has learned that ‘Normandy’ will be Android counterpart of Asha devices targeted at budget conscious buyers who can have access to selected mainstream smartphone apps. The device is up for a 2014 release, but there is no confirmation if it will actually hit the stores.

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Is this a final assault from Nokia on other smartphone manufacturers, like the battle of ‘Normandy,’ or will Microsoft change the battle plans at the final moment?

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  1. It’s a “dead phone in the making”. They won’t risk the possibility that THIS is a REAL HIT, bigger than a regular Nokia with win8.

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