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Nautilus design changes mooted, to be more content focussed

Nautilus, GNOME’s default file manager, is in for a design overhaul. Posted by Allan Day in his blog, several changes to how Nautilus handles content are in the works.

The aim is to make Nautilus more content focused and provide users an easy manner of working with files. The main areas where Nautilus will be improved include lists and grids, previews, places sidebar, selections, discoverability and content selection. Let’s have a brief look at them.

Lists & Grids

A user will have the ability to view files either in the list view or the grid view. On choosing the list view, files will be shown as thumbnails and separators will be used to separate content. A grid view will show the files in a grid. The grid will scale depending on the size and shape of the window. These will need implementation of GTK’s new grid and list widgets.


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