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Motorola Project Ara is ready to spawn a prototype

Couple of months back we got the news that Motorola is working on a modular phone project named ‘Project Ara’. Now, Dennis Woodside, CEO Motorola has confirmed that they are almost ready with a Project Ara prototype.

Project Ara aims to provide a longer lifetime for smartphones in a world where smartphone specifications get upgraded every few months. Consumers either have to upgrade to a brand new device or get stuck with the ‘old’ hardware. However, Project Ara wants to change this by creating a base device to which different internal component modules like bluetooth, GPS, battery, processor, camera etc.could be attached. Each module can be replaced individually, resulting in a truly modular smartphone. Eventually if a final product is released it will join the MotoMaker site.

Project Ara started at Motorola one year back but meanwhile a similar project named ‘Phonebloks’ was under construction and seeking Kickstarter funding. Motorola after discovering this, invited the Phonebloks team to work with the company on the project since they were trying to build almost similar device. Even though project Ara keeps almost similar design to Phonebloks at a macro level, the latter had pin system of connecting parts to the main board but Ara is in favour of sliding contacts.

Recently Motorola also partnered with 3D Systems, a company specializing in 3D printing to develop Project Ara. They will work with Motorola to help manufacture custom 3D printed parts for the device..

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Project Ara seems to have a huge potential and Motorola wants to make it a success by taking help from the community, they have setup dscout page which invites participation from consumers in form of feedback and inspiration. They also promise to give out free early release versions of Project Ara if it is a success.

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  1. Project Ara and Phoneblocks concept is genious because the development of all kinds of components forthcoming years will go faster and faster and why then launch a new smartphone or phablet every next 5 month.
    When people as owning a Phoneblocks phone instead can change components
    and configurate their own smartphone/phablet!
    Not only OLED will outcompete LCD displays of all sizes in all types
    of wearable electronics next coming years.
    Soon will flexible Amoleds dominate and soon will also flexible batteries
    or supercapacitors exchange Li-ion flexible batteries.
    When 3D IC will be lauched in some few years time we will see
    an avalanche progress in both speed and memory capacity.
    Not only BSI cam sensor design or Samsung forthcoming ISOcell tech
    will make hugh difference for cam sensor architecture.
    Hopefully will cam sensors also have dark silicon surface like
    SiOnyx concept for detecting infrared wavelength photons much better
    so smartphones/phablets can make photos and videos without a light source.
    Flash light drain batteries!
    Components development forthcoming years will be developed faster and faster!
    Project Ara and Phoneblocks will make it better with configurate
    your phone as you want it.

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