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LG Homechat app allows you to control your appliances through sms

LG is trying to innovate the way you interact with your home appliances. The South Korean electronics giant has joined hands with another company from it’s home country, Line Corporation to provide their new HomeChat service. LG has just announced ‘HomeChat’ service which will enable you you communicate with your smart appliances at home through the Line messaging app.

So, now LG wants you to chat with your appliances and tell them what would you like them to do for you. You can send messages to your microwave ovens, televisions, vacuum cleaners or washing machines and manage your house remotely. The app uses natural language processing, so texting “I’m going on vacation,” to your fridge for example, will put it into power-savings mode.

“Always at the forefront of innovation, LG is continually striving to inspire smarter consumer lifestyles in meaningful ways,” said Seong-jin Jo, president and CEO of the LG Electronics Home Appliance Company. “We’re excited to be able to bring to CES our smart appliances with the newest communication and intelligence capabilities.”

Smart Refridgerator and Smart Oven food management:

Through Smart Refrigerator app, consumers can remotely see what’s inside the fridge without opening the door, if they are away shopping and it can help them decide on the shopping list. There’s also a freshness tracker through which users can input food details and track their expiration dates. It can also suggest what the owners can cook from what is available in the fridge, pretty cool huh?

Similar to Smart Refrigerator, users can chat with their smart oven to take down required ingredients for recommend recipes. The oven will then auto-select the appropriate settings for you.

Auto vacuuming:

The HOM-BOT SQUARE vacuum cleaner can be programmed to clean at definite timings and according to personal preferences of the users. Homeowners can check cleaning log to see when vacuuming was done last time. The vacuum cleaner will then respond via HomeChat: “10:50 started cleaning with zigzag mode; 11:30 completed cleaning with zigzag mode.” The movement of the BOT can also be controlled manually using HomeChat.

Smart Washing Machine:

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Like the you download updates for your smartphones, up-to-date wash cycles can also be downloaded for smart washing machine according to personal needs. HomeChat can also be used to remotely start a load of laundry, monitor the status of the washer, and receive push alerts via smartphone or LG Smart TV when a wash cycle is completed.

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