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LG G3 specs leaked: 5.5 inch QHD screen, LG Odin 64 bit Octa core processor

Recently we got reports that Samsung is almost done developing their next generation ‘S’ devices, seems like its Korean rival, LG is getting their own flagship ready for the battle too. ZDNet Korea has received some hints on the specifications of LG’s future flagship Android smartphone which will be naturally called LG G3, successor to the LG G2.

Following Samsung, LG has also decided to equip the G3 with a Quad HD 2560×1440 resolution screen. However, the G3 will have a slightly larger screen at 5.5inch compared to the 5.25inch display planned for the S5. It terms of camera, the LG G3 will carry a 16 megapixel shooter.

LG is neck and neck with Samsung in the processor department too. ‘LG Odin’ is the code name for the home-made octa core processor by LG which it is planning to put in the G3 and also in upcoming G Pad tablets. The korean company had earlier this year signed an agreement with ARM to license its Cortex A50 series processor which has 64 bit capability. We will have to wait and see how LG Odin stands up against Samsung’s own Exynos 64 bit Octa core processor that is said to make its way into Galaxy S5.

Samsung is planning to launch the Galaxy S5 as early as February during MWC (Mobile World Congress), but LG might get little late in launching its flagship G3. We could see the successor to G2 launch sometime before the end of first half of next year or even get delayed to second half.

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All these reports are just rumours and speculations, there is no official statement from either of the Korean companies, but we can speculate what to expect in the Android smartphone space next year.

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