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Google is offering Chromebooks to Indian schools for free

In order to popularise Chromebooks for education, Google is offering Chromebooks for free to around 3000 schools in the US, Singapore and Malaysia. Now Google has expanded this programme to Indian schools as well.

Google is working with the Ministry of Information Technology in the state of Andhra Pradesh to launch a pilot project which will provide free Chromebooks to four schools and WiFi internet connectivity.

The project will include three government schools and one private school in Jangaon in Warangal district. Each school will receive 25 Chromebooks, 1 mbps WiFi internet connectivity and power backup facility. Currently only students of class 9 and 10 will participate in the project. If this pilot project is successful, the programme can be extended statewide and cover more classes.

“Google aims to increase access to information and knowledge for all students, and encourages tools that support effective teaching and learning in the classroom, but we have nothing to announce at this time,” an anonymous spokeswoman from Google said in an email statement.

There will be mentors assigned to each school who will train the teachers and instructors. Training will include using the Google Apps Training Center, an online learning environment that offers six modules including Google Apps Education Edition, Apps Mail, Calendar, Docs, Sites, and other tools.

“The school instructors will teach core subjects using applications and software. We believe with interactive learning, the student will understand better and will take interest in the subjects,” said Ponnala Lakshmaiah, Minister for information technology, Andhra Pradesh.

Chromebooks are already available in India from some manufacturers.  This seems to be a great initiative from Google, it will encouraging use of internet and interactive applications in education as well popularise the Chromebook platform. Google is killing two birds with one stone!

Source: Times of India

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