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CyanogenMod to have built in text message encryption system

People are now more concerned regarding their privacy after discovering about efforts made by governments to spy on their communications. The most practical solution to keep messages, emails and calls secure is to use a cryptographic encryption mechanism. However, just like the name of the method, the installation process is complex for most users. To solve this, CyanogenMod will come equipped with built in encryption system for text messages.

Even though popular messaging apps like BBM, iMessage, Google Hangouts, Whatsapp etc. use some form of security, they still are not fully secure. Reports of government surveillance on servers of these services have further increased the concerns.

Cyanogen Inc, the company behind the very popular custom Android ROM CyanogenMod, announced that its users will soon be able to communicate securely with the integrated encryption system for messages.

This is a joint effort from Open Whisper System and Cyanogen team. Open Whisper System makes open source apps for secure texting and phone calls. The company has announced that through this collaboration with Cyanogen, they has come closer to its goal of providing ways to all users to communicate securely without going through any hassle.

Once this new encryption system is built into CyanogenMod, users can easily send encrypted text messages to other CyanogenMod users and users of Open Whisper Systems’ TextSecure. The messages will get automatically encrypted by Open Whisper’s end-to-end secure communication mechanism regardless of what sms app the users is using. The system also uses perfect forward secrecy technique where individual keys are generated for each message preventing cracking of other messages if a key is compromised.

Cyanogen Inc. has set its eye on becoming the third largest mobile operating system, ahead of Windows Phone, by providing extra security in its OS. CyanogenMod already has an estimated 30 million users and is growing at a fast pace.

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The new encryption system will be made available to to users of CyanogenMod 10.2 through an update and gradually be released to other version of the OS.

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