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Best Android Tablets 2013

Before we knew it, we’re in December. A fortnight is all that stands between us and a brave new 2014. Preceding this, are the usual Festivities of Christmas. To some of us, that means being vary of the 3 ghosts of Christmas and cherishing the festival for what it is. To some others, it’s been a well earned break from  a frazzling 12 months. What about the rest? Time to go lighten your pockets with the money saved up from the rest of the year as prices come plummeting down for anything and everything!

It’s easy to fall for most marketing gimmicks by various players in the industry. Being advocates to free software, we understand the value of hard earned money as well as the hardships that the people employed by various brands had to undergo before their products reach markets for you to merely walk in and purchase and “to the extent possible” have a delightful and hassle-free experience. We will be comprehensive and impartial in our quest to help you find great Android Tablets tailor made for your preferences.
This will be classified into 2 classes based on size.

  1. “Mini-tablets (<8”)”: which includes all tablets under 8 inch screen size.
  2. “Standard Tablets (8”<)”: for tablets including and above 8 inch screens

Both classes will feature categories that are selected based on the understanding of what consumers expect from their devices. A winner will be picked for each.

  1. “Value for money”: This doesn’t merely signify affordability. It is a measure of what you are given in return for an investment made. Tablets can be more expensive but have greater value if they provide more. We also understand that there are audiences who want something with an almost hassle free experience for as little as no charge.
  2. “Out of the box experience”: Android is known for its flexibility and customizability, but we understand why people have difficulties changing or adding something either due to the learning curve or being hard pressed for time. This category deals with picking the ones with the easiest learning curves.
  3. “Latent potential”: Even the latest is not enough, there are some who’d prefer living on the bleeding edge with their tools. The deciding factors here are the lengths of official support, strength of the developer community etc.
  4. “Build quality and aesthetics”: Paying a premium for your device and ending up with a disappointingly cheap feeling plastic is not an uncommon experience. Certain rough handling and damage on portable devices isn’t uncommon either. With some bezel and giant screen, most devices look the same at a glance. This evaluation is for those who look for devices that look the part while maintaining robustness.
  5. “Allrounder”: Finally, the “One device to rule them all”. This is the device we believe you should be looking at.
  6. “Notable mentions”: These are occasional choices that gave us a dilemma. We understand that everyone has varied priorities and adds excessive difficulty in evaluating our options. Therefore, even if we pick a winner, the other will be listed under a “Notable mention”.

Mini-tablets (<8”) Value for money:

Winner: EVGA Tegra note 7
EVGA Tegra note 7 sports a 1280 x 800 IPS display, 5MP snapper at the rear, VGA front cam, NVidia Tegra 4 processor noted for 30,000+ scores on the popular AnTuTu benchmark suite, Direct Stylus technology from NVidia which allows capture of the width of a line to be captured, game streaming capabilities from PC to TV, Afraid to mortgage your property? You don’t really need to, with a price tag of 199$, and hopefully discounts during holiday, this tablet offers value that you only had dreams of!

Noteworthy mention: AGPTek 7” tablet

We are looking for aspiring bloggers and journalists for The Mukt. If you are interested, apply now!

This can only be purchased on sites like Newegg and Amazon. With a myriad of under 100$ price tags and running Android 4.2, these tablets are just what you’re looking for if all you want is a capable tablet for almost nothing. Do be careful as tablets are easily mistaken for one another. When buying them, read the description and look out for “android 4.2” in the descriptions.

I am a Linux user for a little over a year now and an ardent distro hopper. I have used LXDE, XFCE, RazorQT, Gnome 2, Gnome 3, the new MATE, and Cinnamon desktops. I have a soft corner towards Manjaro for being a rolling distro that provides stable packages but my daily driver at the moment is Ubuntu 13.10 with Gnome window manager running KDE 4.11 and Gnome 3.10 which I switch between based on my mood. I'm fond of R for being the most powerful statistical tool. Being a junior consultant in quality, I still don't have the money to purchase tools my peers use but R being flexible, free and completely cross platform was everything I have ever wanted. I also use Steam on Ubuntu to play Team Fortress from time to time, other open source software I use are LMMS and Openshot.


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