You can boost the speed of your Nexus devices, thanks to Moto X

Remember the Moto X’s ‘dual core’ processor and how it runs so smoothly? Good. It turns out that there’s a little trick up its sleeve that’s provided by, and limited to Qualcomm processors. The optimization is provided by Kitkat Dalvik and Bionic Libraries. If you are familiar with Android, then you’ll know about Dalvik, which is the virtual machine upon which Android runs. Bionic, on the other hand was created by Google to help low powered devices run well.

Before you get too excited, as I mentioned before, these optimizations are limited to Qualcomm chips. It means that the Nexus 4, Nexus 7 2013, Nexus 5 and some other devices should be able to run it. I should also mention that it only works for Nexus devices or devices running a near stock build of Kitkat, a la Moto X. The boost, provided by Qualcomm enabled the Moto X to perform superbly, and I look forward to the continued support it will receive from Qualcomm and Motorola. One only wonders if the Moto G benefits from such special treatment, and I would not be surprised if it did.

I can still remember the shock and horror that flowed from many mouths and keyboards when the Moto X was launched in August 2013. Many balked at the fact that it was ‘only a dual core’ processor, and even claimed that it was a low to mid range device at best. Four months and a few promotional sales later, no one is balking at the Moto X anymore. It is one of the best experiences on Android, and many argue that it just might be the best. If you consider the customizability of the X and its reasonable footprint, then it becomes a very compelling purchase. If you are interested on how you can make these optimizations on your devices, head on over to xda developers for more information.

It pleases me to read of and report about the abilities to get more performance from devices we know and love. It just makes me wonder if this was a necessary move by Samsung.

Sources: Xda Developers, Android Authority

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I am a fan of technology and Android in particular. It has helped to turn the mobile industry on its head, and its open source nature has opened many doors that were previously closed. I am also a self confessed Google fanboy, so it may be reflected in my views from time to time.

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